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    • Dedication to quality leads to the inevitable conclusion that a “one size fits all” tanning process does not exist. A custom-designed process is necessary to achieve outstanding results for each skin type, keeping in mind the skin’s final intended use. We are professional dressers and tanners, and developing custom processes to meet our customers’ needs is our specialty. This customized approach takes years to perfect, and we thank all the professional taxidermists, furriers, and craftsmen who have consulted with us in the development of our tanning processes.

    • We believe pricing should be straightforward and our customers should know what their tanning will cost before the job is done. We charge a flat rate for everything, from bears and mountain lions to elk flats and bison hides. No more guessing how much to charge your customer—at Moyle Mink & Tannery it is right on the price list. For miscellaneous quarter hides or pieces we charge $12.00 per pound of raw salted weight, so you can weigh your miscellaneous pieces and know exactly what they will cost.

    • Dependent on time of year

    • 40-day service is available for 50% surcharge and will depend on the time of year.


Services and Price Lists

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      Our taxidermy tanning processes were developed with the following goal in mind: produce easy to mount skins with durable shelf lives while incorporating fur processing techniques that allow for cleaner and more appealing finished mounts. To be successful this task requires us to break down taxidermy tanning into several different processes for unique skin groups. While all of our processes are good, the following is a sampling of a couple of our more outstanding processes:


      FORMULA-399 | Since 2001 we have been working toward producing a deer cape that satisfies both our standards and those of the most demanding taxidermist. After 399 trials we have finally done it. The result is Formula-399: a process for tanning deer capes we can truly be proud of (Process includes other hollow hair game such as elk, moose, caribou, etc.). In Formula-399 we combine fur dressing techniques with the taxidermist’s need for trouble-free mounting to deliver a product that is easy to work with and is beautiful when finished.

      Formula-399 benefits:
      Beautiful hair color and shine
      Soft, supple leather
      Well-shaven skin

      A lifetime-secure shelf life
      Easy mounting
      Plasticity (stretches without being rubbery)

      BriteWhite | This process, perhaps more than any other, exemplifies the benefits of having a broad scope of experience. Our expertise gained from years of fur dressing is employed here to deliver a complete process of tanning, bleaching, and brightening mountain goats and white wooly sheep for taxidermy. This process is expensive, but well worth it and automatic for all mountain goats and white wooly sheep.

      BriteWhite benefits:
      Professional light bleaching
      Clean, unmatted, dust-free hair and wool
      Sophisticated brightening
      Easy mounting

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      Intact Fur Dressing | Employed in the dressing of fur bearers, this process uses slightly modified fur dressing techniques to provide garment-quality softness, cleanliness, and free-flowing fur on intact skins that can be used either in the production of garments and crafts or as wall-hangers. Our consistent dedication to quality and vast experience has made us the market leader in this area. Few, if any, of our competitors are able to deliver intact fur dressing as light, soft, and clean on such a consistent basis, a fact that has led us to become the Official Tannery of the National Trappers Association.

      For fur bearers that are not going to be mounted, we recommend this process. Our use of sophisticated fur dressing techniques will provide an excellent service that is budget friendly. There is no surcharge for cased skins or intact legs; volume discounts are available. These skins must be fleshed as usual and may be received either salted or trapper dried. Note: This process is not suitable for pieces intended to be mounted. You must specify on your order form “Taxidermy Tanning” or “Intact Fur Dressing” for all fur bearers.

        Intact Fur Dressing benefits:
      • Garment quality
      • Intact pieces suitable for wall-hangers
      • No extra charge for cased specimens
      • Budget friendly
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      Bison Ultra | Simply the best. Processing over 2,000 bison hides a year inspired us to develop the Bison Ultra process, a service we provide at a very competitive price thanks to our proficiency. Sophisticated dressing methods yield the lightest and softest bison leather with free-flowing, unmatted, and dust-free hair. Whether for garments or throws, you will be ultrasatisfied with this process and its budget-friendly price.

        Bison Ultra benefits:
      • Ultralight and soft leather
      • Clean, dust-free hair and wool
      • Highest resale value for the hide
      • Budget-friendly processing